Journey to the Blessing 

Journey to the Blessing

26 weeks 

What a journey it has been so far! But it’s not over yet. I’ve been “semi-private” with sharing the deets of my pregnancy but I love to share how much I’ve grown over these precious months. It’s a miraculous feeling that has taken over my heart. I wouldn’t have it any other way. God has truly been with us throughout this beautiful adventure. It hasn’t been perfect but every step has been humbling and a learning experience. 👑Baby Derouen👑 is kicking like the Karate Kid but its so exciting.  He moves a lot when he hears his father preach lol 🙌. That may be coincidental but who knows.  I’m convinced that he hears. 

So what have I learn so far? Tons! Lol but these words come to mind at this time:  surrender, hard-work, and appreciation.  I have accepted that I have no control of my pregnancy in some ways. I can get prenatal care, get sufficient rest, eat healthy, etc. but God is in control and I must submit to His will. I may have pain in my legs and morning sickness but I can tolerate it. Things happen but I must trust Him that he will continue to keep us. Growing a human is hard-work, point blank. My body is stretching and doing things it has never done before. I appreciate this journey and that God has blessed my womb. It’s alway been my desire to have children and be a mother. I can’t complain about this but be strong. To have my supportive hubby by side just makes things even more complete.  I’m reminded that God’s timing is so prefect and each day is as significant. 


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