What’s Your Shea?

Shea Moisture Products are my absolute go to for my hair regimen. I play a lot with different brands but Shea Moisture hadn’t failed me yet. I stumbled across a clip from the daytime show The Real on youtube. Founder and CEO, Richelieu Dennis, promoted their new web hair app that helps you to find the right Shea Moisture Product for your hair. How awesome is that!  Head to http://www.AMillionWaysToShea.com to check it out. It is very easy to use. I snapshot my experience to give you an idea how its done. 
First, it asks you to submit a photo.

Then choose your hair type and style. I chose curly and wash-n-go since that was my style in thw picture. 

Next, provide the app a little more about what your hair is like.

Lastly, choose the goals for your hair.

Above is what I chose. 

After clicking “Find Your Shea!”, the app provided me with product options to chose from that would help me achieve my hair goals.  

See! Easy as that! Share your thoughts with Shea Moisture’s new hair app.



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