October Faves-Natural Hair products 

***October Faves***We all have favorite go to products for our hair. This month I have a few oldies but goodies. I also discovered a new fave! Here’s my list:

~Shea moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie~

This product is definitely my staple. It’s always in my cabinet.  I have used it for the last 4-5 years. It leaves my hair so soft and moisturized. For my (perfect 😜) twistouts this is definitely a go-to of mines. 

~Water (Yep, H2O)~

Ok so this is not a product but its so underestimated! Water is a necessity for our hair. When I wash my hair, I usually just let the water run a few minutes. I feel my curls bouce back after product build up. Don’t underestimate!

~Denman Brush~

I’ve been seeing this brush everywhere and thia is definitely the truth! I have a Denman brush to help straighten my hair but this brush definitely help define my curls.  I wouldn’t recommend using it to detangle your hair but as a tool to help aide your curls. 

~Mane Choice Detangling Hydration Shampoo and 3-n-1 Revitalize and Refresh Conditioner~

I completely admire this brand for what they do! They give back so much which is truly a blessing. I knew this product was great because every time I’ve gone to a Sally’s, they were completely sold out😮! Finally I was able to put my hands on this (went on shipment day lol). I prepoo with the shampoo and used the conditioner as a leave-in and wash out. Wash days are much easier since using this. 
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