​The Easy Route?!?!

So a few months ago I decided to transition to locs. We all know how demanding being natural is. With being a new mom, I had to figure out an easier way of the natural life. WARNING: Locs are not easier!!! But well worth it😊

Here are a few tips to consider:
Tip #1: Pray to God for patience. Locs takes patience because of the many phases you will endure. Even when your locs are retaliating like a rebellious child, keep on loving and nurturing them.

Tip #2: Locs love oil, so lay hands and anoint your locs with plenty of castor and peppermint oil (or oil of your choice).          

Tip #3: Protection! Never go to bed without covering those luscious locs with a silk wrap!
This is the way I maintain my locs, in addition to going to a loctitian for retwist and washing. Just remember, it’s all well worth it!


Melissa Essien-Contributor


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