Say Goodbye To Dry Hair!

Dry Hair Blues? Try Adding this to your regimen!


I have never in my 15 years of being natural experience my hair’s texture so brittle and dry. After pondering on what I have done differently, I came to the conclusion that one or more of these issues were the reason:

1. Overuse of hair products

2. Hand in hair

3. Product fail

4. Using two many products at once

I found that using the LOC (liquid, oil, cream)method work great for my hair but actually washing out the product was the potential cause of dryness.  I personally shampoo very, very seldomly. I think if you are going to use this method, its a must to tackle the product build up on wash day. Next, I have horrible habit of touching or playing in my hair too much. Have you heard as a little girl your mom telling you to keep your hands out of your hair?? Well momma,  I understand now why. It not only messes with your style but you are stripping out oil from your hair. Lastly, I’ve used a few products that were new and realized now that it just doesn’t work. At least it appears that way. Be careful not to use too many products at the same. Using one or two products would give you an idea if this is what you could continue to use. To see if it actually does what it saysm

I always tell naturals to go to youtube because the advice is so very helpful. Watching Mahogany curls definitely help me realize what I was doing wrong. Check out this video:

So on wash day this week, I rinse my hair with just plain WATER. I just ran the water on my hair until the water ran clear. I then use Tresseme Natural conditioner there in the picture.  I detangled with my tangle teasear and then washed out.  This sound so simple but this really brought moisture back to my hair. My hair was very smooth and soft. I just couldn’t believe it! I then styled with ecostyler gel and Shea Moisture.  I also used a mixture of water and aloe vera juice to moisture my hair as it dryed up.  I wore my braids for the week and then unbraided on Friday. I used no oil until day 3 and that was coconut oil for my scalp. As you can see, my hair is just as free as it can be! Oh to be free from dryness!




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