Open Letter to My Little Sister


A few months ago, an old college mate of mine shared with me that she has been teaching in South Africa (So awesome!). She shared an interaction she had with a few students involving their natural appearance and hair.  It brought me to tears what they were saying and what they thought of themselves.  She shared with them my pictures from social media and my blog page on WordPress called Gurl with RAD Curls.  I was beyond moved by her words but also felt compelled to write this open letter to them as well as to other girls who are struggling with their appearance and self-worth.  Although natural hair has become this phenomenon, the movement has allowed women of color to embrace not only their natural hair but their natural self.  I am moved to write this open letter to them. Even if it doesn’t reach them, I hope that these words would encourage, inspire and help you to embrace who you have been created to be.

Open letter to my little sister in need of encouragement:

I write this open letter to my little sisters of the world, in my region and beyond. To my sisters who feel that the world is against them when it relates to embracing your natural self. To my sisters who look in the mirror and unable to appreciate the reflection. Realize that you were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. He does not make any mistakes. You were made the way God intended.  He saw you and said that it was good. While you were in your mother’s womb, He knew all about you. He knows your future and who you are intended to become.  To know that God saw that you are enough ensures that you are capable, adequate and sufficient.  No need to compare, because there is no one else like you.  You are special! Self-love is so important because there will be times when you may not feel loved by others. It is so significant that you love yourself.  The next time you look in that mirror say to yourself, “I am good enough”, because you are. 




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