HOTD with diy hair custard



So here are the results of my two strand twistout! I have to say that I’m so please with it. I used the homemade custard on freshly washed hair. I decided to make it (thanks to because I ran out of my current store bought product. Since I had all of the following products already, i decided to mix it all together.


It has the texture of a gel but much lighter. In the original recipe, she uses aloe vera gel and honey. I improvised and used aloe vera juice. I ran out of honey, so i left this out.

My hair feels very soft and hydrated. There’s really no smell, in which I don’t mind.  I’ll definitely will continue using until i run out. I’m unsure of the shelf life of the custard but will leave in the refrigerator in the meantime. If you have issues with dry scalp, I think you will really like it. The recipe I used is in the previous post 😉


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